Individualised Funding

Mycare is the way to find workers, create contracts, schedule visits, and pay workers. There is no signup fee. Our goal is to help you maximise your budget allocation to live your life.

How do you pay your workers on Mycare:

  1. First and best option: have your IF Host pay
    Your IF Host is able to pay Mycare directly for the worker(s) visits you approve. This is easiest for you, and we can give your IF Host all the details they need for their records relating to your budget. All payments are clearly shown in your Mycare account. If you want direct payments, contact us and we will contact your IF Host on your behalf: or 09 887 9777.
  2. Second option: Pay first then claim from your IF Host
    You can pay your worker yourself through Mycare using a debit/credit card and you can then claim reimbursement from your IF Host (via their expense claim form). You can easily download all the information you need from your Mycare account so you can fill in your IF Host’s claim form

Contracting is a great option for families and workers

Mycare is a contracting platform designed to support families and workers. Contracting your support workers, rather than employing them, is recognised as a legitimate option by the Ministry of Health and IRD and is in the spirit of Individualised Funding. The majority of workers told us they joined Mycare because they want flexible, part-time, contract work. Contracting also means you and your family don’t have to take on the liabilities of a small business when arranging your support.

Read about the benefits of contracting.

We care about our workers

Workers that are booked and paid on Mycare are covered by public liability and professional indemnity insurance in case something happens when they are in your home. We also pay tax to the IRD on their behalf and automatically generate the contracts that are agreed between you and them. Workers pay a 5% fee to Mycare to help us cover these costs, and help us create more jobs so they can live the lives they want to live.

We are open to your feedback and advice

We understand the frustrations members of the Individualised Funding community have about the various different systems. We continually engage with all Individualised Funding hosts to make it simpler. Keep an eye out for our regular surveys or get in touch to share your views by emailing or calling 09 887 9777.

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