About us

Mycare is a social impact platform company dedicated to bettering the lives of New Zealanders. We are a diverse team of caring people with health, non-profit, community and business backgrounds. We created Mycare in 2014 as we believe everybody should be able to find the local support they want and meaningful work they like in their local community. In 2019 we launched Te Heke Mai to help people get into employment and navigate towards new horizons.

How does Mycare work?

Mycare is New Zealand's largest online community of people seeking or offering various types of help at home.

Mycare makes it easy for you to find work, or find support, in your own community. At Mycare you'll also find tools to help you manage scheduling, messaging, payment, reporting, tax, and more.

All workers registered with Mycare are independent contractors who have been safety vetted with the Ministry of Justice.

There are no joining fees to use Mycare - pay as you go for each hour of help you schedule!

Established in 2013, Mycare is now used by thousands of New Zealanders to connect and organise home-based services.

Industry partners

Mycare is committed to working with partners across the country to ensure we can support as many New Zealanders as possible.