Enabling Good Lives

Mycare is a free way you can find workers, create contracts, schedule visits, and pay workers. There is no signup fee or ongoing cost. Our goal is to help you maximise your budget allocation to live your life.

Managing supports can be complex

Mycare is designed so you can have as much or as little support as you need to manage your own support requirements:

  1. Individuals can organise all their own supports
  2. Family members can help to organise supports for friends or family
  3. Individuals and their families can share the responsibility for organising care
  4. If you work with a tūhono, connector or coach they can also have a Mycare profile and help organise support with you, especially if the process is new.

It’s free to use Mycare

Thanks to our current agreement with the Ministry of Health, you can use Mycare’s full set of tools for free.

Workers pay 5% of their hourly rate to Mycare so they can promote their skills and find work, benefit from Mycare’s $1 million public liability and professional indemnity insurance, and access our scheduling and payment tools. Mycare also pays schedular tax on their behalf to the IRD. Mycare’s low service fee ensures workers can devote their time to what matters: providing quality service to the people they support.

Why contracting?

There are many advantages to contracting rather than employment for both workers and the people using their services. Workers who contract are not liable for secondary tax and can claim back work related expenses such as mileage and vehicle maintenance through the IRD. Often support workers have more than one client, so these are important considerations that can have direct financial benefits over employment.

With contracting you don’t have to take on the liabilities of becoming an employer. Mycare’s easy template allows you to generate a contract once you’ve found a worker and you have negotiated their pay rate. The Ministry of Health and IRD recognise contracting as a legitimate option for people receiving EGL funding.

Read more about the benefits of contracting

Managing my finances and reporting on spending

Mycare’s tools keep a detailed record of every visit, what happened during each visit, and how much the visit cost. This information can be downloaded in easy-to-read reports that you can submit to funders, so they can verify the money is going to the right places.

Support circles

Most people’s support networks consist of workers, family members, whānau, volunteers, and friends. You can invite them to join your support circle so they can see what is happening in one place and be notified when there is something they need to know.

Creating a community of EGL users

Mycare hosts an EGL user group on Facebook. This is a place where EGL users can share experiences, get help and advice from other users, and let us know if they would like us to add new features to Mycare’s toolset. This group is moderated by experienced EGL user Kylee Black who is Mycare’s self-direction advisor, and part of the EGL demonstration in the Waikato.

The EGL user group also has regular get-togethers in Hamilton. Email Kylee Black or Laurie Hilsgen to find out more. Similar groups are planned for Christchurch and Mid Central. Keen to join? Get in touch!

More questions, or have feedback for us?

Ring one of our friendly Customer Success Team at 0800 677 700, chat with us online or send an email to hello@mycare.co.nz. We are here to provide as much assistance as you need to make Mycare work for you.

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