Child & youth support

Need childcare or youth support? Someone to hang out with your child? Find experienced workers to care for your children.

What is Mycare?

Our online tools help you find workers, create contracts, schedule visits, and pay workers from your phone, tablet or computer, anywhere, anytime:

  • Search locally for one-on-one support or home help
  • Choose the person who’s right for you, and deal directly with them
  • Keep track of visits and activities
  • Decide the hourly rate you’ll pay and use our secure online payroll
  • Safely set up contracts with every person you hire
  • Access simple reporting to help you manage your funding.
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Who can use Mycare?

Mycare is available to anyone who needs care or support. Whether you need some help with the kids, activity support, meal preparation or getting your children out and about, there are people in your community ready and willing to help.

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How do I get started?

It’s easy to register with Mycare and list a job. We’ll ask you for some contact details, and to verify your phone number and email address. If you’re arranging support for a friend or family member, we’ll also need a bit of information about them.

When you’re ready, follow our step-by-step process to list a job and find the help you need.

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What does it cost to use Mycare?

It’s easy and free to join Mycare. You only pay when you find and book a worker.

Mycare is a cost-effective way to save money on every hour of support you organise, and pay your worker a higher hourly rate. Mycare charges a 10% fee to help us security verify workers, create tools to help keep you safe and make finding and organising support easy. Traditional providers can charge up to 30% on top of the hourly rate paid to workers.

When you’re ready, follow our step-by-step process to list a job and find the help you need.

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Who can I find to help me?

With thousands of pre-approved helpers, you can choose the local person who’s right for you, and deal directly with them:

  • Our workers come from diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences, including hundreds of registered health professionals
  • View photos, bios and ratings for candidates who have all been security verified through the Ministry of Justice or NZ Police
  • Unlike traditional homecare services, you can communicate directly with people in your community and personalise what they do for you, as and when you need.

Workers on Mycare pay Mycare a 5% fee to find work in their community, and use our scheduling and payment tools. You contract workers through Mycare instead of employing them.

Is it safe?

Here are some of the steps we take to promote personal safety in the Mycare community:

  • All workers are required to complete a Ministry of Justice criminal convictions check
  • Everyone verifies their identity in three ways: email, physical address and mobile phone
  • Any user can confidentially report someone of concern to Mycare for review
  • Mycare provides public liability and professional indemnity insurance for workers
  • You can recommend workers you’ve been in touch with to others and see reviews
  • Safety tips in our Info centre encourage all Mycare users to follow safe practices.
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Can't find the right person at Mycare?

Contact us so we can assist by emailing or calling 09 887 9777. New workers sign up with Mycare every day and there’s lots we can do to help you find someone in your area. Mycare is nationwide.

What people say about workers


“For the first time, we feel completely relaxed leaving our son with a carer other than family. Jess is reliable, experienced and very interactive with our son which is amazing. Highly recommended :)”


“My children love being cared for by Sharona and enjoy interacting with her children, particularly with her youngest child. She is very well organised and manages calamity and chaos with expert precision.”


“Meg is extremely caring. She is efficient, organised, flexible and always on time. My children love her.”